Payroll Module

Every company that employs individuals under labour or non-labour legal relations, including people working under a contract for management and control (CMC), will need to utilize the services that we have included under the module “Payroll”.

This service includes in itself the processing of all documents related to remunerations, contracts for management and control, as well as the documents of the individuals in non-labour relations with the company.

We will have the care to:

  • Process the remunerations and payroll
  • Process the sick leave medical certificates and to submit the information about them to the National Insurance institute
  • Process all documents related to paid or unpaid leave, benefits, compensations and maternity
  • Prepare payment orders for the social security contributions and the general income tax
  • Prepare a declaration module 1 and a declaration module 6 and to have them submitted them to the NRA
  • Submit notifications under Art. 62 of the Labor Code in case of appointment, termination or occurrence of another change in the circumstances of the employment contracts of the
  • The compilation and preparation of employment records of the employees under an labor contract upon termination of their contractual relations with the company
  • Process the civil contracts of the individuals that are under non-labour legal relations
  • Submit a declaration under Art. 55 of the Personal Income Tax Act for the paid tax on non-labor remuneration

In the case that you need assistance in preparing employment contracts, orders for appointment and termination of individuals in the company, we can offer you this service for an additional fee for each insured person.

If you are a foreign person who also works in another Member State of the European Union, we will advise you on how to avoid double taxation of your income by determining the applicable insurance legislation.

We represent the client in front of the NSI concerning:

  • Inspections, revisions and audits
  • Procedures for liquidation of the company
  • Procedures for entry, merger, division and separation