Digital Accounting Module

The Elvada Accounting Company offers to its clients a new and special service – digital accounting that requires no paper documents to be utilized. Each and every client of our Accounting Company has an individual access to our server which maintains a high level of security. You can access our server with a personal account name and password. Beyond the documents that are provided by the client, all other documents that have been generated by the Accounting Company can be accessed which gives both the Client and the company the possibility to submit them to the respective competent authorities and institutions.

AccountingWhat are the advantages of using our digital accounting services:

  • All documents are at the distance of a mouse click
  • You can easily and comfortable upload your documents even through your telephone
  • You have 24/7 access to the documents, declarations and accounting/financial reports that have been shared by or to the Elvada Accounting Company
  • You can work with us regardless of the city that you find yourself currently in or where your company has been registered

For us, it is of upmost importance, at the moment that we undertake the obligation to service your company’s accounting, that we organize the accounting reporting in such a manner and way that it will provide you with the most detailed information concerning the needs of the company and will be of help to the company’s management in its future business decisions.

If your company has more than one site, it has offices in different cities or works on various projects simultaneously, we can organize the accounting reporting in such a way that you will be able to evaluate the results of each and every site or project independently.

Regarding the accounting service of your company, we will have the care to:

  • Organize the accounting reporting of the company in accordance with the needs of the client.
  • Process all of the purchase and sales invoices that have been provided by the client
  • Process all of the documents that are connected to the activity of the company
  • Prepare the accounting ledgers for the purchases and sales and reference-declaration of the company in accordance with the acting VAT legislation and to present them to the National Revenue Agency
  • Process the bank statements from the bank accounts of the company
  • Prepare the reports from the case registers of the company if it has any
  • Process all documents that are related to individuals in the company that are under labor and non-labor legal relations
  • Present to the NRA and National Insurance Institute the necessary declarations that are connected with the general activity of the company and it’s accounting reporting, in accordance with acting fiscal and social insurance legislation

For us it is a priority that the team that is responsible for the accounting reporting of the client is always at his disposal.