Consulting Services Module

The team of the Elvada Accounting Company has had many years of practice in and with accounting and fiscal legislation and as a consequence of this has developed an in-depth expertise and knowledge on these subjects. We also work with competent external consultants who have proven themselves as experts in their respective fields of social insurance and taxation.

We believe that it is paramount to consult in advance our clients, discussing all future business decisions and endeavors with them so as to insure  their correct and optimal fiscal tax planning.

Whenever you need a trusted and competent advisor, you can turn to us.
ConsultancyThe services included in the module “Consulting Services” are:

  • Consultations on questions concerning the fiscal and social insurance legislation in Bulgaria
  • Consultations concerning tax-fiscal planning of the company and optimization of taxation
  • Hourly consultations
  • Elaboration and of written statements on a given case
  • Consultations with external experts and auditors
  • Consultations in the field of social insurance in the European Union
  • Consultations concerning the business trips executed in the European union
  • Fiscal Tax planning and resolution of specific tax related cases in transactions and deals in Bulgaria and the European Union or third countries

The Elvada Accounting Company has established partnerships with law firms and accounting companies from Italy, which may advise the client on questions concerning the taxation and tax treatment of the particular case, in according with the acting Italian legislation.