Administrative Services Module

The Elvada Accounting Company offers a wide array of administrative services that you may purchase from us either through a monthly subscription or as a separate service via an individual request.

In the case that you are a foreigner that does not speak Bulgarian and require assistance with the visit of a Bank or a Notary office, we can procure for you a member of our team who speaks fluently both English or Italian and will accompany you to the said office with the goal of providing assistance on the spot.

Административни УслугиIn the case that you lack a person that may assist you in the administrative operations and process of Your Company, we can:

  • Produce the online banking order for you, after which you only need to confirm the payment
  • Issue the invoices of the company based on the information that is provided by the client
  • Translate documents to and from Italian
  • translate documents to and from English

We offer:

  • a Tax fiscal address
  • an address for correspondence

If, during you visit in Bulgaria you require the assistance of an interpreter/translator from Bulgarian to Italian or English, our team has a certified sworn interpreter and translator that has fluent command of the English and Italian languages and we can offer you this administrative service at an hourly rate.

In case you are in need of other, specific administrative services that we can offer you and perform from our office, our team will be entirely at your disposal.