Additional Services Module

The Elvada Accounting Company offers to its client a wide array of additional services. These services are not a part of the monthly accounting and consulting subscription services, as each and every one of the additional services offered has an individual price. These services aid us in supporting our client when he desires additional assistance in the operational work of the company that may be in our competence.

Part of the additional services that the Elvada accounting company offers are:Additional Services

  • Comapny registration
  • Registration of the company Registration of a company under the VAT Legislation.
  • Deregistration of the company under the VAT Legislation
  • Preparation of reports and statement reporting forms for SPB(verification of payment balances), in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Law and their submission to the BNB
  • Preparation of statistical reports, in case the client is in a representative sample of the National Statistical Institute
  • Procedure for obtaining a certificate for the absence or presence of debts and credits
  • Procedure for obtaining a current financial status of the client’s company

Each client, that signs a contract for accounting services with us shall receives a complete list of the additional services that are provided by our office.

If you are interested in company registration or VAT registration, you can send an inquiry to us.