Payroll and Personnel Module

It is our responsibility to prepare and safe keep the labor records of our clients employees. Each record contains all the necessary documents that are required by the current legislation of Bulgaria. It is our responsibility to submit the notice of employment, termination or any alteration to the conditions of an employment contract regarding any of our clients employees that are insured by said contract. We prepare employment contracts, supplementary agreements and all related documents regarding legislated labor relations that occur in our clients companies.

We prepare the customer's payment statements.

We are responsible for the preparation of payment orders for social securities and taxes of employees and Individuals in out-of-work relations employed by our client. To facilitate our customers, we generate payment orders directly to our customer's online banking and they need only to confirm their payment.

We take responsibility to submit to the NRA all the necessary and required information for individuals that are employed via labor or civil contracts in our clients companies.

It is our responsibility to prepare all the documents in the case of a termination of labor contracts with employees of our clients and to fill in the necessary data and information in their employment record book.

We ensure that our clients are informed in a timely manner if there are important legal changes concerning the employment and out-of-work labor relations in the companies.

The modules comprises:

  • All activities concerning the social securities of individuals via employment and civil contracts in the companies of our clients
  • The preparation and submission of all the necessary information to the National Revenue Agency(NRA) and the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) that are related to any employment and out-of-work legislated relations in the companies of our clients
  • Assistance in the preparation of labor records for the employees of our clients