Accounting Module

Our primary concern is to organize the accounting reports in such a way that our clients can receive the whole of the information that they require for their business or for any other purpose in way that they could read and utilize. For example if you have different business premises, we shall organize the compiling of your accounting data and reports will be done in such a way that you will have the possibility to easily identify what financial results is generating each and every business premise and which one of them are generating a profit or a loss.   If you are working on different projects or it is necessary for you to keep track of individual contracts, we will make sure that you have the exact financial standing for each of your projects and contracts. It is the initial well organized compilation of accounting reports that gives reliable data and information which in turn allows managers to have the possibility to identify and cut costs or to pursue other means of optimization in such a way that their the projects, contracts or business premises generate a positive profit margin. It is of utmost importance for us to help our clients formulate the optimal taxation plan based on the accounting data we have processed and transformed in to reports and to inform our clients of:

  • What are their incomes and expenses
  • What is the financial standing of each of their business premises, projects and contracts
  • What are their receivables  
  • what are their payables
  • What is the amount of cash that they have at their disposal.  
  • What is their overall financial result – profit or loss, and if they are at a profit, then what type of taxes they owe at the current point in time.

As a whole the module encompasses:

  • Complete organization of the financial reporting
  • Monthly financial reporting regarding the activities of the company
  • Declaring of all tax and social insurance liabilities to National Revenue Agency (Bulgarian NRA)
  • Тax representation in the case of audits and revisions